Lost in the Garden

I’m doing some paintings in the garden, enjoying getting lost in the damp tangle of leaves and flowers.


5 thoughts on “Lost in the Garden

  1. Hi Rachel, I’m Lisa from Liddell Thomson. I’m not sure if you will remember us but you did our beautiful animation for our website in 2006 and I was really hoping to get back in touch with you. I hope you’re well. Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa, yes i do remember you, in fact was just looking through older work the other day and remembering working with Mark on that lovely website job! As you can see I’m still hooked on flowers! We’ve moved north now, teaching part time, family/painting/animating in the other part. hope you are well.

      1. Hi Rachel,

        I’m so sorry to message you again but I was really hoping to speak with you about potentially working with you on a funded project for Scottish Adoption. Even if you have time for a quick call I would really appreciate your insight.


  2. Hi Rachel, we still use the animation and it is often commented on. I was hoping you might be interested in a small creative job for a charity I am working with. My e-mail is lisa@liddellthomson.com I’d love to re-connect with you.

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