Donald Miller’s 3rd Bulwark

No time to do new work this week, but a bit of sorting of old work going on… This kind of fits with Illustration Friday’s word ‘fluid’ – the water, the coastline, my life are all pretty fluid at the moment!

This print is about a large wave taking out storm defences in Cromarty many years ago, as told by the town’s writer Hugh Miller.


2 thoughts on “Donald Miller’s 3rd Bulwark

  1. Hi Rachel! I tried to send you a Christmas card but could’nt find your address.
    It’s lovely to see your blog. I’m still in Brighton, by the sea but not a really beautiful sea like yours. Would love to hear from you.
    xx Ottilie

    1. Hi Ottilie by the sea! so good to hear from you. It is a beautiful sea, and I mean here AND in Brighton! I will send you our new address so you can write or even better come visit… it feels like a long way away from the south coast, but you never know!? Hope you’re all fine, xxx

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