This week’s Illustration Friday word is ‘trail’. I nearly didn’t make it, but here is an eleventh hour post!

Here’s the sketch too – I scribbled a few figures in the space at bottom of the page and later when my daughter saw it she said they looked a bit Alice in Wonderland-ish, these tiny girls wondering how to scale the stairs! I quite liked it so here it is…


3 thoughts on “trail…

  1. Ahahha 😀 Filomena didn’t see your answer… But I saw it! and yes 🙂 me and my brothers do the blog together (and also other elements of our family)! don’t worry 🙂 you help me to practise my bad english!

  2. Hi Rachel

    I work as an assistant producer at STV creative. We make tv commercials, sponsorship idents, short films and programmes. I studied animation when i was at Uni and saw your ‘Beaches’ films. Recently they came up in a conversation I had with some of my colleagues and I’d love to show them to them but i can’t find them online. If you get this message, could you drop me an email?

    Many thanks

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