Illustration Friday‘s word of the week is equipment. Ruby’s favourite equipment is a biro pen. She’s not fussed about colour or paint or chunky crayons, instead preferring the precision and detail a biro gives. Her least favourite piece of equiment is a hairbrush…

Here are few of the biro drawings she gets completely absorbed in… common themes are soldiers and princesses, fairies, ballet dancers and the odd monster. She’s 4.


13 thoughts on “Equipment

  1. thanks for great comments everyone! Without sounding too ‘proud mum’, Ruby is an incredible wee drawer. Look out if ‘princess’ comes up for an IF word… she’ll steal the show!

  2. oh, THANK YOU SO MUCH RACHEL! and please please please! Take part of this proyect if you can 🙂 I really love your art… We wish you luck!

    1. cheers Paul! As soon as I put Ruby’s drawings up there I stopped doing mine!! Funny that. But how do you follow something as intensely creative as those crazy jampacked scraps of paper?? Kids have a habit of putting you in your place like this…. in a good way of course! love to you and yours, x

  3. Hi Rachel, Vicky here from gsa. I love your drawings of ruby.. I have two boys, age 5 and 7, but rarely get around to drawing them. You have me inspired to make more of an effort! x

    1. Hi Vicky, long time! Nice to hear from you. I’ve started teaching up north, so haven’t touched the blog for a while… dusted off the paintbrush this week finally! Blue frog cafe looks interesting- hope life is good! R x

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