Illustration Friday‘s  word of the week is fearless. Some kids are just fearless when it comes to jumping in. My daughter’s not one of them!


11 responses to “Fearless

  1. This is such a great illustration! I like your style!

  2. Wow! That evoke memories from my childhood. I think I agree with your daughter!

    I like the style.

    • thanks Jen! Enjoyed looking at your blog too – lovely plant drawings. I sometimes do pointillist dotty tone drawings with classes at school, and it takes a certain kind of person… Worth it though!

  3. Love it, love it, love it!
    – AZ

  4. This is a lovely bit of I.F’n!

  5. I like your illustration a lot. 🙂 Nice linework and use of space, texture and colors.

  6. Ahahha 😀 Filomena didn’t see your answer… But I saw it! and yes 🙂 me and my brothers do the blog together (and also other elements of our family)! don’t worry 🙂 you help me to practise my bad english!

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