Soon they will hatch…

This week Illustration Friday‘s word was ‘cocoon’. I loved doing this illustration!  My daughter coming home with news of a butterfly kit in their classroom was great inspiration. I feel a series of drawings coming on…


11 responses to “Soon they will hatch…

  1. I love your style and the view point. Very bold.

  2. very nice Illustration, I like your style

  3. Great composition!

  4. This is really cool! Great Style!

  5. love the limited palette and the sense of expectation on the kids faces is great:) cheers for checking out my blog too!

  6. The expressions on the faces are great!

  7. thanks for great comments everyone!

  8. This has the most wonderful 50’s 60’s vibe to it. I really dig it. Very nice style and retro feel.

    • thanks Vanessa! Really enjoyed looking at your blog too – and thanks for introducing me to Piccoli. Looks like an amazing book – I’m sure it was worth every penny! enjoy!

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