Trees in the Garden

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Scottish Adoption

I did this set of illustrations for the charity Scottish Adoption, for their new website and to put on walls in their offices. After lots of plants lately, it’s been nice to do figurative things again!

Exhibition at Sutor Creek

I’m showing some new work at Sutor Creek restaurant in Cromarty. It has been a struggle to get it organised, in between teaching and doing freelance illustration work, but the pictures went up today (on till Christmas) and opening is tomorrow night!  Here’s a wee glimpse:

These new artworks focus on the fascinating tangle of seedlings and weeds to be found in a garden. Ever changing layers of vegetation create a rich confusion of line, shape and colour. Mixed media images are created using all sorts of materials, from collage and paint, to linen and graphite powder.

Lost in the Garden

I’m doing some paintings in the garden, enjoying getting lost in the damp tangle of leaves and flowers.


The IF word this week is puzzled, but I think this is as close as I’m going to get! This drawing I did today has the look of an alphabet puzzle, is that allowed? This is one of several ideas for a new mural at my daughters’ school – each letter would show a different aspect of the school (there would be no gaps in the kids’ one, I just ran out of time today!) I’m kicking off the project at an Assembly tomorrow… hope they get inspired by what I’ve got to show them!

Here’s another idea, helped by Ruby. Also a bit ‘puzzled’ in style… This time all the activities which go on in the Hall where the mural will be.  All the artwork will be by the kids, this is just to show them some options.

IF: Shades

My daughter‘s obssession with Fantastic Mr Fox has been rubbing off on me I think. I didn’t have much red/orange paper to hand, so my foxes roam  in shades of pink.

I’ve been in the mood for collage this week, and have been imagining my family as wild animals… not that hard to do!